Recipes jo likes

Muesli (BBC Food) –

Very easy to make, you know what’s going in there (a lot of them have added sugar) and it’s cheaper than buying it.


Raw Chocolate Brownies (‘Oh She Glows’ blog) –

I made these brownies on a whim whilst in a hurry so I had to make some substitutes (almonds for walnuts, margarine for coconut oil, Golden syrup for maple syrup) and leave some things out entirely (hemp seeds, vanilla extract and cacao nibs). Withstanding all of that they were very good! So just imagine how good they could be if you had all the correct ingredients. They got rave reviews and are healthy.


Pesto poached eggs (my own)

Fill a small saucepan with boiling water and keep on a fairly high heat. Add a dash of vinegar and make a whirlpool as best you can, then crack the egg in and turn the heat down to a low to medium heat. Whilst the egg is cooking (it only takes approx 4 minutes so you should have everything ready before you start) make the toast. I recommend a chunky seeded granary bread. Once the toast is ready, spread a thin layer of pesto on it, then add a layer of raw spinach (washed) and plop the poached egg on top, straight from the pan so the heat from the eggs cooks the raw spinach a little. Add some parmesan flakes on top and serve.


Fish curry (Good Food)

In 2009 I spent 5 weeks in India, half a day of which was spent learning to cook Indian food. I wrote down every word, convinced I would be using my recipes at least once a fortnight. It took me until 2012 to dig out the recipes and try them. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way it did in India, but since I had promised my friends an Indian meal, that is what I would make them. Lucky for me I found this very easy and quick recipe on BBC Good Food website. It was the best part of the meal by far.


Spinach and courgette lasagne (Martha Stewart)

Takes a little while to make but well worth it, and handy for when vegetarians come for dinner. It’s important to leave space between the foil and the top layer of cheese (rather than pulling the foil taut) as the first time I made this I lost most of the top layer.


Salmon baked with pesto and tomatoes (Mark Bittman)

So quick and easy (prepare and cook in under half an hour) and more exciting than plain salmon.




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