Sticks’n’Sushi – Covent Garden, London

Can you book? Yes
Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Price per person: £50

“Sushi is fish in haute couture” according to the waiters at Sticks’n’Sushi. At least that’s the slogan on their uniforms. The Google definition of haute couture is “expensive, fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses.” Replace ‘clothes’ with ‘fish’ and you’ve got a pretty accurate description of Sticks’n’Sushi! Continue reading


SuperStar BBQ – Soho, London

Can you book? Yes
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Price per person: £20

The chef behind the first meal I ever ate, my mother, was with me on this occasion. She is someone who will not eat in a restaurant if the occupied to empty table ratio is below 50%, nor if the lighting isn’t good, if it’s too expensive, or if she just doesn’t like the look of it. She heartily approved, so that’s already saying something. Continue reading

Petek – Stroud Green, London

Can you book? Yes
Food: 10/10
Atmosphere: 10/10
Price paid per person: £25

Quickly becoming one of my favourite neighbourhoods, Stroud Green has no shortage of good restaurants. According to Google and TripAdvisor, one of the best is Petek on Stroud Green Road. We squeezed past people waiting for a table to claim our reserved one, to be greeted by very friendly and accommodating staff despite our being half an hour late. We were given menus to look at whilst we waited, then seated a few minutes later and instantly presented with olives. Continue reading

Anima e Cuore – Kentish Town, London

Can you book? Yes (via their Facebook page)
Food: 9/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Price paid per person: £27

It was a cold December’s night. Being a little tardy for my friends, I scurried along Kentish Town Road looking for Anime e Cuore, what i imagined to be a busy and alluring Italian restaurant. Something seemed off when I found it; the door sign said closed, all I could see through the window was ice-cream and there were no people in sight. Confident I was at the right address though, I went inside and low and behold, there was a tiny restaurant hiding at the back. Continue reading

🐂 The Bull and Last 🐂 – Parliament Hill, London

If you like good meat, you’ll like The Bull and Last. The whole place screams meat; from the name to the stuffed bulls on the walls and the rustic manly decor. It also has a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

I had lamb rump with artichoke purée whilst my chums both had onglet steak with chips. There’s no such thing as well done here, got to be a man and have it rare. 💪 Continue reading

🎅 Christmas Special 🎅 : The Stag – South End Green, London

Ho Ho Ho, a Christmas special for dinner with jo…

I just came back from a six course Christmas extravaganza at The Stag pub. For those out-of-towners who aren’t familiar with South End Green, it’s next to Belsize Park and it’s where the Royal Free hospital is. My family are not so hot on planning; so much so that at 3pm on Christmas Eve there was no set plan for Christmas Day. I made a few phone calls and was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Stag had one table free. The man I spoke to couldn’t have been friendlier or more obliging. I was even told that whilst the fixed price menu did not include drinks, they were sure to be “generous with the mulled wine and port.” Good to know. Continue reading