Palomar – Soho, London

Palomar (English): Mount Palomar, a mountain in Southern California, northeast of San Diego, height of 1,871 m.

Palomar (Spanish): a shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons.

I’ve no idea why it is called Palomar. What I do know though, is it is very very good.

Every time I tried to book a table online I was rejected. What was I to do? Give up? Turn up and hope for the best? We opted for the latter on Saturday evening. We turned up at 7pm to find a hubbub of people outside and one of the managers with a clipboard. She took our name and phone number down and we went for a drink, anticipating a two-hour wait. Our call came early though, after just over an hour, so we walked back, at a brisk pace to ensure our space wasn’t given away. Continue reading


Orna and Ella – Sheinkin St, Tel Aviv

You may or may not have noticed that my most recent reviews have said something along the lines of “one feels like they could be on holiday whilst dining in this restaurant”. Well I am writing this one whilst actually on holiday in Tel Aviv, so since this restaurant by default passes the ‘holiday feeling’ test, it is under slightly more pressure to perform. Add to that the rumour that Ottolenghi himself is a big fan of this place and I had BIG hopes. Continue reading