Ask for Janice – Farringdon, London

P: “Ask for Janice”

J: “Arse for Janice?!”

P: “No.. ask for Janice”

After a few more rounds like this, I finally heard loud and clear that this restaurant was called Ask for Janice. It is located opposite Smithfield market and is a short walk from Farringdon tube station. The name baffled me. Was Janice the lady to ask for to get a table? Was it one of these poncy places where you have to recite a riddle to the bouncer in order to gain entry and Janice was integral to the riddle? It turned out that you don’t need to ask for anyone called Janice, nor recite a riddle. Continue reading

Madison – One New Change, London

This place has an amazing buzz about it. I went with two friends on a Thursday evening after work and we arrived a little early thinking we could have drinks first on the roof terrace. We went into the shopping centre to be greeted by a long queue waiting to go up; we weren’t the only ones with that idea. Continue reading