Puaa – Rabbi Yohanan St, Jaffa (Tel Aviv)

The name of this restaurant pronounced “poo-ach.” It is located on a very pretty street in Jaffa, buzzy with people drinking and dining outside.

2013-07-28 23.24.56

I had a good feeling about the restaurant as soon as we approached it; it was busy and something smelt amazing. The decor is charming, with a flowery table cloth, dainty flowery plates and mismatched vintage chairs. When the waiter brought over a complementary round of sangria shots my good feeling about Puaa was strengthened.

The enticing menu encouraged us to order communally, so as to try a selection of different things.

To start we shared lavne (soft white cheese), an aubergine dish, fried cauliflower and focaccia with dips. All were superb, but the cauliflower was something quite special.

For mains we shared sea bream, schnitzel, salad and majadera (lentils and brown rice). At the risk of repeating myself, everything was once again superb! I had not one comment/complaint/regret.

We were too stuffed for dessert, but I’m still curious as to what the caramelised bananas would have tasted like.

Go to Puaa!

2013-07-28 21.58.43  2013-07-28 21.58.46 2013-07-28 21.58.40 2013-07-28 21.58.37


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