One Sixty – West Hampstead, London

Aka The Smoke House.

As a vegetarian, you won’t go hungry at One Sixty (there are three perfectly exciting options to choose from) but you may feel a little like you’ve just been rejected from the VIP section of a nightclub whilst you watch your friends go in and mingle with the celebrities. The meat is the main attraction here.

I anticipated a good quality piece of meat served with chips that would leave me feeling satisfied yet guilty and vowing only to eat lettuce for the next 24 hours. How wrong I was. With my ox cheek came a modest portion of mashed potato, various vegetable purées, cabbage and pickles, and it was presented in a stylish and colourful way:

Along with our meat we indulged in hot chicken wings, a well dressed green salad and crunchy corn on the cob.

All elements were excellent. My meal was only slightly let down by the fact that the ox cheek was lukewarm…

Prices are reasonable given the good quality of the meat and generous portion sizes (£25 per person for mains and sides, no drinks).


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