Le Caveau 30 – Cannes, France

The brief: book a table for 20 people on a Saturday evening in the centre of Cannes, preferably outside, with good food and good prices. Not an easy task.

Le Caveau 30 was recommended (thanks BD) so off I went to book. I would strongly advise them to obtain an email address (or promote any existing email addresses on the website) as calling from a UK mobile is expensive.

I awaited the evening with anticipation. I had never booked such a large table before, what if something went wrong and I had 20 hungry people shouting at me.

My fears were entirely unnecessary; our table was laid for 20, in prime position at the front of the conservatory area with all doors open. There was no waiting, no reservation confusion, they offered a three-course menu for €27, and the staff were friendly. Not only that, but the atmosphere was buzzy and it looked like even George and Brad were regulars…


Our hefty order was taken, and we resumed discussions about the upcoming wedding we were all going to the following day.

I fear that it would be extremely boring if I went through and detailed with each person ate so for ease of reading I will stick with what my immediate neighbours ate.





Starting from the top; fish soup, accompanied by little crostini, which one was encouraged to dress with garlic mayonnaise and gruyere then delicately rest on the soup. It was excellent, and the self assembly element made it an especially enjoyable experience. I’m told the mussels were very good, and I had first hand experience of the pesto ravioli and salmon tartare with lentils, both of which were extremely good. The ravioli consisted of many tiny little ravioli(s?) and the pesto sauce was slightly creamy but not too rich; a very delicate dish indeed.

Onto the mains…



Steak tartare and dorade. The steak tartare was really good. Whilst the dorade was very tasty it was quite boney so every mouthful was like Russian roulette. I’m fully aware that this dorade was once a fully functioning fish that needed those bones to swim in the sea, I’m just speaking from a selfish point of view.

Desserts consisted of ‘half a pear’ (it was far more elaborate than the name suggests), chocolate fondant, various ice cream flavours, and several other French classics all done well.

As well as great food we enjoyed Cannes finest Capoeira dancing on the street.

Excellent food, excellent atmosphere, and including wine and tip it came to approx €40 per person. Highly recommended!




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