Myung Ga – Soho, London

Just as Harper Lee was rumoured to have had help from Truman Capote in writing To Kill a Mockingbird, I have decided to write this review with the help of a guest reviewer. Guest comments will be indicated by italics. This is a first for dinner with jo. Continue reading


Chotto Matte – Soho, London

Chotto Matte is the sort of restaurant where you’re asked by your waitress, “have you been to Chotto Matte before? No? Would you like me to explain the concept?” I must admit I find this ever so slightly pretentious. It’s 7.30pm on a Tuesday night, I had lunch 7 hours ago and I’m quite peckish, surely the concept is just pick something you like the look of, hopefully enjoy your food and your dinner company, and be on your way. Nevertheless, there is a concept at Chotto Matte, a sharing concept. Don’t get me wrong readers, I’m always up for sharing so you get to try more than one dish, but is it really necessary to call it a concept.. Continue reading