Sushi-Say – Willesden, London

A hand towel after a meal at a Chinese restaurant is a great idea – especially if crispy duck pancakes were involved. At Sushi-Say, however, one is provided with a hand towel before even getting to grips with the menu. This is a lovely touch, but perhaps slightly unnecessary?

The menu is extensive. We shared edamame, nasu dengaku (tender aubergine with savoury sweet miso sauce), salmon skin maki, spicy tuna maki, salmon and avocado maki and a chicken, rice and vegetable dish.

I was a little shocked not to see any wasabi with the maki, but I decided to use it as an opportunity to put the sushi to a test; if it tastes great without the kick of wasabi, then it is truly excellent sushi. I experimented with spicy tuna and it really was great!

The other makis were also excellent as was the nasu dengaku. The chicken wasn’t exciting in any way and needed a splash of soy sauce but it was good. Oddly enough it was served with an empty bowl. This wasn’t for either of us as we had our own plates; we deduced it was to rest the chicken serving spoon in. Again, slightly unnecessary but no harm done.

Dessert? Why not. From the long list of ice cream flavours we chose coconut and green tea. The green tea had an inverse aftertaste; not nice at first but got better after a few seconds. The coconut was very refreshing.

At the bottom of the menu it states that a minimum of £25 must be spent per person. We asked the manager how strict this rule was and were told it is usually in force but they would relax it for us, so it was a bit ambiguous… In practice we ended up spending just over £25 each, so be prepared to spend that amount as a minimum.

The service is impeccable and staff are very friendly. I recommend it.

Next time I go I’m going to go in a group so I can sit on the big top table for the full Japanese experience; you have to take off your shoes, walk along the bench and tuck yourself in to the table.



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