Running out of RECIPEASE…?

I was once told when wearing hoop earrings I looked a little Mexican-señorita-wannabe. Well I can now cook up a Mexican street food feast to complete the part. I picked up these skills at Recipease, a cookery school in Notting Hill run by Jamie Oliver and his team of chefs. For £40, we were given a welcome drink of our choice, and taught step by step how to make the mexican delights below (soft tacos topped with spicy chicken, guacamole, spicy sweetcorn and much more):

2014-04-13 21.29.38

What I really liked about this class was that there was no standing around watching someone else do all the cooking whilst you took notes and pondered whether you should have just gone to the gym instead. This is hands on, eye on the ball, roll up your sleeves sort of cooking. At the same time, the chefs were jovial and friendly and talking was not frowned upon, so fun could be had, evidenced below:

2014-04-13 20.47.03

This was just one of the many classes offered at Recipease, so if Mexican isn’t your thing, why not try pasta filling, or vietnamese street food, to name but a few. We took the class on a Sunday evening and there are classes throughout the week and weekend to accommodate all schedules. Highly recommended.


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