Bar Esteban – Crouch End, London

Edgy, attractive Spaniards, friendly and tasty food are what springs to mind when thinking about Bar Esteban. The menu is varied, and features both traditional tapas (patatas bravas, tortilla, pimientos de padron to name but a few) and dishes with a more contemporary twist. Continue reading

Palomar – Soho, London

Palomar (English): Mount Palomar, a mountain in Southern California, northeast of San Diego, height of 1,871 m.

Palomar (Spanish): a shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons.

I’ve no idea why it is called Palomar. What I do know though, is it is very very good.

Every time I tried to book a table online I was rejected. What was I to do? Give up? Turn up and hope for the best? We opted for the latter on Saturday evening. We turned up at 7pm to find a hubbub of people outside and one of the managers with a clipboard. She took our name and phone number down and we went for a drink, anticipating a two-hour wait. Our call came early though, after just over an hour, so we walked back, at a brisk pace to ensure our space wasn’t given away. Continue reading

Honey & Co. – Fitzrovia, London

There’s little I prefer in life than an intimate restaurant with good food. In my experience, the staff tend to be more friendly and the food better. Honey & Co. is definitely what you would call an intimate restaurant. There are approximately 8 small tables inside all fairly close together (and 3 or 4 very small tables outside). So intimate in fact that if you needed to have a very confidential conversation (for example relaying juicy gossip or plotting a bank robbery) this may not be the appropriate setting, as your neighbour is quite likely to hear every word you say. In keeping with the stereotype though, the staff were very friendly and the food was very good. Continue reading

🐂 The Bull and Last 🐂 – Parliament Hill, London

If you like good meat, you’ll like The Bull and Last. The whole place screams meat; from the name to the stuffed bulls on the walls and the rustic manly decor. It also has a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

I had lamb rump with artichoke purée whilst my chums both had onglet steak with chips. There’s no such thing as well done here, got to be a man and have it rare. 💪 Continue reading

XO – Belsize Lane, London

XO has all the chicness of Mayfair but it’s local enough that the thought of going there on a cold Sunday night isn’t daunting. Local is of course subjective, but for those who don’t live in or near the area, luckily XO is part of the Ricker group of restaurants ( so has sister pan-Asian restaurants, namely Great Eastern Dining Room in Shoreditch and e&o in Notting Hill. I recently became aware that La Bodega Negra is part of the same group but the vibe, not to the mention the food, is very different. Continue reading

The Salt House – Abbey Road, London

When I go out for dinner with my family, we aren’t very adventurous. Where we choose to go with friends/woo dates/conduct professional meetings etc is one thing, but as a group, we have a fairly regular restaurant (restaurant X) that we seldom stray from. Restaurant X has been one of my favourites for as long as I can remember; the food is excellent and the atmosphere unrivaled and it will continue to be one of my favourites indefinitely. However, two or so years ago a new restaurant came into the picture that has threatened the go-to status of incumbent restaurant X… Continue reading