The Shed – Notting Hill, London

As is the case with most new places these days, The Shed is all about sharing. We were advised to order two dishes each so we all picked our most appealing two and left it up to the waiter to tell us if we had any duplication.

First came a delightful bread basket with scrumptious sourdough bread. Next was fennel cured pollock, lamb chips and beef cigars.

2014-04-26 21.11.08-2 2014-04-26 21.18.31

I really liked all three. The beef was a tad on the salty side but it’s originality won me over. The pollock was superbly tasty and I loved the shredded lamb in the lamb chips which went very well with the accompanying tomato sauce.

Next we had veal patties, barbecue quail and asparagus with broad beans. The veal was ‘veally good’ (I can’t take credit for that one unfortunately), I loved the little barbecue quails and the asparagus was dressed in a great pesto.

2014-04-26 21.22.52 2014-04-26 21.24.09 2014-04-26 21.22.50

The last savoury dish was lamb which was my favourite; small tender pieces of lamb in a wonderful gravy.

2014-04-26 21.33.40

As we were celebrating not only a birthday, but a crown birthday (27 on the 27th) we couldn’t leave without sampling the desserts so we shared a vienetta parfait and honeycomb crunchy bites. I can’t get over how good the parfait was, made with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate and salted caramel. The honeycomb was also great.

2014-04-26 22.16.09

It was very busy but we didn’t wait long for food and the atmosphere was super buzzy. My friends were sat on uncomfortable stools though – that’s my only complaint. At £38 per head (with a bottle of wine) it isn’t cheap but it was by all means worth it. A big thumbs up!


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