Just Falafel – Baker St, London

Is it really just falafel? No, it isn’t. They have soup. They have salads. They even have desserts. Nevertheless, the name is fitting given that 99% of the menu involves falafel.

When I think of falafel, I think of pitta bread, several balls of falafel, houmous, tahini and cabbage salad. I think of it sitting in its undersized plastic wrapper, requiring two hands to be eaten but still never managing without making a mess, and feeling stuffed. Just Falafel is quite different. The falafels are modestly filled, wrapped neatly and toasted into position, easy to eat and protected by ample packaging:


This variety of falafel was far more appropriate for a weekday lunchtime than that which I had previously experienced.

Just Falafel aims to offer a worldwide falafel experience, with a menu including Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Greek, Egyptian style falafels. We were offered a choice of wholewheat or white wrap. I opted for the wholewheat Mexican (without the jalapenos) whilst my friend chose the wholewheat Mediterranean. Mine had cheese, avocado, tomato salsa; hers had courgettes, red pepper, houmous, tzatziki. We were both impressed. The ingredients tasted fresh and I liked the combinations. My one complaint was that mine was too salty.

The friendly staff gave us taster portions of mushroom soup and chilli vegetable soup. I’m afraid to say I wasn’t crazy about the mushroom soup but the chilli vegetable was excellent. The manager also added that a) he has worked in several food establishments but Just Falafel is without a doubt the best as the ingredients are fresh, b) he is very excited that breakfast will soon be offered, being eggs, porridge, filled falafel (akin to a hash brown), and c) they hope to start delivering soon.


We didn’t try the salads but there is a fairly extensive range available, all made instore.

We both enjoyed fresh mint lemonade, which, according to the bottle was made today and every other day instore. In fact I’m still enjoying mine as I write.

Finally – it’s cheap! Each falafel was £3.95.

To sum up, I recommend Just Falafel. It makes an interesting variation to the usual Pret sandwich, it’s quick if you’re rushing, it tastes fresh and not too unhealthy and it is good value for money. Check out the website for locations of their other branches – http://www.justfalafel.com. In the words of Just Falafel, “falafuel your life!”


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