Spielburger – Hampstead, London

Having just returned from dinner at the brand new burger joint in Hampstead, I can confidently say that Spielburger will do for burgers what Spielberg has done for movies; provide pretty darn good ones.

Before I get on to the burgers themselves, it is worth mentioning some important features of the restaurant. Firstly, we were quite taken by the good looks of the staff; whilst an attractive waiter may not necessitate good food, it certainly enhances the dining experience.

Secondly the choice of music; upbeat chillout music that encouraged a buzzy yet relaxed atmosphere.

Service was impeccable. Before I had even glanced at the menu our waiter was over to take out drink orders, but not in an aggressive way, in a “you look thirsty, let me help you with that” way. Our wine came quickly, although perhaps slightly too quickly as they first bottle they brought had already been drunk from, but this was hastily replaced. Food also came in good time.

2014-05-22 20.04.14 2014-05-22 19.56.20

We had classic burgers with extra cheese and guacamole. I had never had guacamole on a burger but thought this was an excellent addition. There’s a special sauce between the lower bun and the meat which was tasty. The meat was very good, as were all burger components. For sides, we opted for communal sweet potato chips, truffle chips and coleslaw. I don’t like truffles so the truffle chips would never have won me over, the coleslaw was slightly too heavy on the mayonnaise (and could easily have come from Tesco), but the sweet potato chips were good.

2014-05-22 20.20.41 2014-05-22 20.20.47

It came to £15 per person, for a burger, sides and wine, and we left feeling very satisfied. This is a superb addition to Hampstead High St, and at the end of the day, if it’s good enough for Cara it’s good enough for me…

2014-05-22 21.11.33


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