Boom Burger – Portobello Rd, London

“This isn’t just a great new burger restaurant; it’s a little piece of Jamaica in the heart of London’s carnival district. So, why wait for three days in August to party when you can have something to sing and dance about all year round?”

The good people behind Boom Burger have hit the nail on the head; my ‘fish boom’ burger (pan fried red snapper with rocket, escovitch sauce and jerk mayo) was out of this world tasty. I’d go so far as to say it was even more exciting than the actual Notting Hill carnival.

There is nothing processed about the food. Not to dis McDonald’s, but the fish in their fillet-o-fish has clearly undergone some plastic surgery before it reaches the burger, whereas this fish is in its most natural form (as evidenced by the photo below), full of Jamaican goodness:

2014-05-30 13.43.42

The plantain fries were also pretty spectacular. They weren’t at all greasy, they were extremely tasty and went amazingly with jerk sauce.

My meal cost £11 (burger: £9, fries: £2). Very highly recommended.


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