A Nets Catch – Aberdovey, Wales

Can you book? No
Food: 7/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Price paid per person: £5

‘Where is Aberdovey’ I hear you ask? Well, as I learnt this festive season it is a fishing village at the bottom tip of Snowdonia, Wales. It is tremendously cold and rainy, but very picturesque and the starting point of several mountain hikes, at the top of which one can observe the superb scenery.

After today’s hike we were much in need of some warming up so took ourselves to A Nets Catch, the village’s finest vendor of fish and chips, named after Annette, the lady who runs it along with her husband.

Due to the limited post-Christmas fish supplies the only option was cod but this was no problem; all for cod, and cod for all.

Along with chips, mushy peas and an array of sauces to meet all tastes, came fish so hot that if there was a competition for getting food from the kitchen to the table in the minimum time possible (and what a good competition that would be), A Nets Catch would win hands down.

Aside from the impressive heat, the fish was fully covered leaving no parts exposed. It’s not that I feared for the little fishy catching a cold, but instead that any fish left exposed would be oily, which I am pleased to say it was not. In addition the batter was so nice it was almost like having a fish and a savoury doughnut at the same time.

The chips were crispy on the outside and potatoey inside, as one hopes for in a fish and chip shop and the mushy peas were tasty and made the meal well balanced by representing the vegetable community.

The staff are very friendly, value is good and food very hot and hearty, so if you find yourself in Aberdovey, do pop in. You shan’t be disappointed!




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